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Spot app MK

Imagine not having to walk to stores or seraching online for the latest and best discounts for the products that you love most? With Spot assistant, it has finally become reality.

Change the way
you Shop

Along the main map screen, where users can navigate & filter around the location in order to find the best discounts and promotions, there is also a Listed View. In this section users can scroll trough the feeds of different brands or services and find what they are looking for more easily.

By tapping on the logo of the brand, you switch to a list of discounts that are specifically included in this particular brand the user is currently looking at. 

Additionally, by tapping on the product itself, the user can enjoy a categorized discount list, mainly focused around the category of the targeted product itself.


Wireframe Layout

The infrastructure of the application appeals native to the new coming users of SpotApp, which enables them to quickly adapt to the logical navigation of the application. 


Main Screen

(filters down)

Main Screen

(filters up)


Discount Pop-up

Swipe Pop-up

Listen View


Saved Discounts

Favorite Brands


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