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Beeople City is an NFT based Project that has been founded for a single purpose dedicated towards promoting and encouraging the usage of new channels for donation through cryptocurrency, in order to preserve the wellbeing of bees, globally.

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Batka Studio was in charge of developing a personalized Smart Contract with specified rules and commands, ensuring the link between the donation organizations and the collection is secured and functional. Additionally, has successfully delivered promotional content for social - platform establishment and external advertising.

Our creative vision is based on bringing livelihood and character into the project, where users can subtly experience and learn about the complex structure of the bee colonies, while that experience indirectly provides substantial help towards agricultural & environmental goals.

Identity & Promotion

Research provides evidence that donation-based advertising occasionally gets overlooked because of its “invasive” or “depressing” qualities in relation to the way it reaches out to its audience. Analysis on this issue suggests that a substantial amount of charity organizations remain undetected due to a lack of branding or struggling to reach out due to the general overflow of advertisements on social platforms. 


Growth of Interest or in order words - BeeopleCity itself, directly corresponds to the amount of attention & resources their bee - kin on Earth is receiving.  Through engaging activities, competitions, giveaways and members-only merchandise that the city will provide for the community, we want to encourage the audience to expand the city’s borders by recruiting new citizens into the. This being said, as BeeopleCity progresses further, it unlocks new methods and activities to maintain user satisfaction and community perks.

We illustrate this city as part of an alternative universe of Beeople that found purpose on the Ethereum Blockchain. This purpose involves building a virtual city and evolving into a future generation of bees that have the technological advantage to reach out for aid to the younger modern public on Earth through the blockchain. Essentially, the growth of BeeopleCity revolves around the interest and activity within the project’s borders, which raises the value of the project itself and it’s product ( NFT collection ) .

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