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Oscar Barrantes

Mobilis brings the future of banking to India with its 100% virtual banking experience. We have commissioned to create Mobilis’s visual identity online, and had a key role in creating its UI and UX for millions of users.

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Oscar is a well renowned chef in Barcelona, originally from Peru. He specializes in the traditional Peruvian cuisine, but also adapted to the broadly adored Mediterranean style as his own. By combining his experience in both theory and practice, Oscar brings a fresh approach on trendy foods with an emphasis on Paella.

The graphical approach was mainly striving towards representing Oscar as a symbol of experience, culture and quality.

Custom Website & Promotion

With careful observation of our client's requirements, along with a detailed analysis on his career experience,  it allowed our team to understand the nature behind Oscar's profession. Easy UX navigation, vibrant and engaging interactive visuals, and a touch of elegance are the key-points of Oscar's expertise, and our team's goal.


Additionally per request, our team took part in enhancing the digital quality of his gastro-products, and further processing them into different media formats throughout our clients digital platforms. This involved printed mockups, social content, merged with his elegantly branded identity.


Lastly, and equally significant, Batka Studio led the design behind the more "passive aspects" of our clients identity, serving as a subtle boost to our client's presence both physically and digitally. This phase was purely print-based, involving business card development and fashionable product design.

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